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Cerealis came about as a result of our passion for salty snacks. Everything is done to offer our clients the most savory, most innovative and most fun snacks around. Market leader since inception. 

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Sharing and conviviality

There s always a moment for sharing the fun: whether at a party, on a trip or simply at home , our products are always there to be shared and enjoyed.

Young and Adults

There s no age for our snacks. Both kids and adults will dive into our products and come out with a big smile and mouth full of satisfaction.

Parties and Celebrations

Whether celebrating a birthday, planning a dinner, preparing for an afterwork , or just getting ready for a good movie night, our products are always there for you for a good time.

Happy tastebuds

Whichever your preference, potatoes, corn, maize, tapioca, wheat, we have it. And to make things even more tentalizing, our fantastic flavors come into play: barbecue, extra aged cheese, sour cream and onion, nacho, ranch, thai chili and many many more.
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